Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2022

Mo-Ruerani / モルエラニの霧の中

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“A small portrait of the northern small town”

Based on the real stories happened in the town, the film was produced in the actual locations – sometimes with the real people participating as casts. It is a film that can be considered as a portrait of the town.

The storyline features the people’s quiet living in a fast changing time with the gentle touch.

The nostalgia of deserting town and the sadness of it are common feelings shared by many towns around the world.

”We want to leave the memories and stories of the people who lived here and want everybody to know our town.” The strong wish of the residents stimulated them to start making this film.


The word came from a Hokkaido native Ainu people’s language. It means “a place after the little downhill”. It is the origin of the town’s name.


  • Year
  • Runtime
    214 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Note
    English Subtitles
  • Director
    Takushi Tsubokawa
  • Filmmaker
  • Cast
    Kyoko Kagawa / Nene Otsuka / Masao Komatsu / Ren Osugi / Nahana