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Minnush, a fresh and innovative ensemble dedicated to contemporary Sephardic music pays homage to the life and legacy of Flory Jagoda, the National Heritage Award-winning, Bosnian- born Sephardic singer and composer, who passed earlier this year.

Minnush incorporate contemporary influences and give traditional songs new life featuring improvisation, storytelling and virtuosic musicianship by members Susan Gaeta, Gina Sobel, Trevor Pietsch and Kevin Johnson.

The group had its beginnings in Gina’s Virginia Folklife apprenticeship to Susan, who was apprenticed to the great Flory Jagoda ten years earlier. It grew out of an urge to do what folk music has always done – to naturally incorporate new influences and reflect the world around it. In this way, Minnush adds elements of American folk and jazz, while shedding light on the immigration and refugee stories that the songs carry. Minnush is serious, joyful, forward moving and eminently fresh.

Minnush is:

Susan Gaeta / vocals, guitar

Gina Sobel / vocals, guitar, flute, sax

Trevor Pietsch / bass

Sam Cushman / drums, tabla

Video and audio editing by Gina Sobel

Pre-production by Trevor Pietsch






Audio recordings of "A Ti Espanya" and "Buena Semana" from the Minnush EP feature Kevin Johnson on percussion

Musicians appearing in non-Minnush video footage:



Joel Leonard

Lynn Falk

Alan Oresky

Vocals & percussion

Lori Jagoda Lowell

Betsy Cary 

Joanne Stefanick


Howard Bass 

Ramon Tasat



Howard Bass