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Taralalla is a drama that explores the utmost complicated web of political phenomena of construction, hectic life and immigration.

These themes are the talk of the town but each and every single individual thinks of it differently and affects them differently as well. Cali has had it! Karmni is freaking out with the noise. Martha is exploring a better future with all of this. Taralalla attempts to view each one’s personal perspective. But after all, everyone has to die thus everyone asks for a better life.

Taralalla uses the themes of tradition, death and nostalgia, intertwined with the emotions of hope, anger and humanity. The characters are no one special and for this particular reason their own voice is amplified more than others’. This theatrical work tries to find the voice of the down-to-earth indivdual, as there you find a total different reality that goes beyond the one you hear or see on the media or on the digital platforms. This drama spreads across the roads and places the outside world on stage as one tries to understand better the complex heart aches of the people. The same people that usually we tend to mark as ignorant.


Script: Lara Calleja

Director: Lee-N Abela

Performers: Christopher Spiteri, Toni Busuttil, Lilian Pace Vassallo, Sarah Camilleri, Clive Piscopo & Mark Laurence Zammit

Set Design: Romualdo Moretti

Set Construction: Claudio Apap

Sound Design: Michael Quinton

Light Design: Christopher Gatt

Production Manager: Steve Cilia

ASM: Noelle Borg

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