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Every rite of passage is an act of becoming, an act of taking responsibility for the self we are choosing to become. Alexia visits her occupied hometown, Famagusta, on the day of her birthday, to walk the streets she used to walk on with her parents, grandparents, friends, and ancestors, in remembrance of them, prior to the turkish invasion of 1974 and continued illegal occupation of the northern territory of Cyprus.


The visit was intended to be personal, a private day between Alexia and the memories of the 10-year-old little girl. Now, 50 years later, still a Refugee, she walks in honor of her own Rite of Passage - ‘Les Rites de Passage’ as a Woman, now entering her sacred cycle of eldership. Upon visiting Democracy Avenue, in Famagusta’s "Ghost Town", Alexia wanted to greet and converse with the unsettled neighborhood, the trees and birds, and the buildings.


Unfortunately, their voice(s) were drowned by the sounds of their invaders. Rite of Passage was born out of Alexia's need to express her feelings in the only way she could – through an improvised durational performance art experiment utilizing a voice improvisation signal song, resonating with her messages and cry.


This calling morphed into a familiar sound of war, resembling the sound of sirens that awoke her 50 years earlier, on that morning of July 20th 1974.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    6 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Alexia Vassiliou, Valentina Karantoni
  • Producer
    Valentina Karantoni
  • Executive Producer
    Valentina Karantoni, Alexia Vassiliou
  • Cast
    Alexia Vassiliou
  • Editor
    Valentina Karantoni
  • Composer
    Alexia Vassiliou
  • Music
    Alexia Vassiliou