Les Femmes Underground Film Festival V

Body Acceptance for Creatives Workshop

Expired June 26, 2022 6:45 AM
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Body Acceptance for Creatives Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore how the fatphobic diet culture we grew up in has affected our ability to work efficiently as story-tellers. We'll uncover the origins of our meanest thoughts, and we examine the consequential meaning we have assigned not only to our own bodies, but also to the bodies of others we collaborate with in our quest to tell stories.

In this workshop, you will learn effective, actionable thought-work techniques that will allow you to change the way you speak to yourself and the way you feel in your body.

As these improve, so will your ability to thrive in all areas of your life - most pertinently, how well you are able to tell the stories you wish to tell.

This festival also offers an educational screening of I'm Too Fat for This Show. It is highly recommended that you take this workshop in conjunction with that, as it will further your depth of understanding around the messages we receive about diet culture and fatphobia. It will allow you to further appreciate the proven, useful tools that are offered in this workshop.

***All proceeds from this workshop go 100% towards the artist.

Kate Huffman Body Confidence and Wellness Coach


Kate Huffman is an award-winning actor/playwright and a certified body confidence and wellness coach. Her work in film, TV, and theatre (Fresh Off the Boat, Castle, Rutherford Falls) has won her an LA Weekly Theatre Award, Encore Producers Award, Indy Fringe Award, and several LADCC and Valley Theatre Award nominations.

She was a series regular in the Emmy-nominated series The New 30, for which she was also nominated for an Indie Series Award.

Her world-travelled, award-winning solo show I’M TOO FAT FOR THIS SHOW tells her story of twenty years of eating disorders, OCD, and chronic pain. The experience of seeing how universal her story was drove her to find answers to these issues. Now as a certified body confidence and wellness coach, she helps people who have long struggled with body hatred to reclaim the time, energy, and money wasted on this war with their bodies so they can live in greater alignment with their purpose.


Courses: https://kate-huffman-certified-body-image-coach.newzenler.com/

College workshops: https://katehuffman.com/college

General info: http://katehuffman.com

Kate's Social Media:

IG: @katehuffwoman

Twitter: @kate_huffman

Facebook: Kate Huffman