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Filmed in Tampa, this verité short covers a day-in-the-life of civil rights activist and former felon, Desmond Meade. 

It's Sunday, “Souls to the Polls,” the last day of early voting. 

Desmond is canvasing door-to-door. His mission? Assisting people in voting - something our "forefathers marched and died for.” 

What begins as an upbeat day of faith in our democratic process, ends with a heartbreaking realization. Jim Crow is not dead. 

The screening will be followed by a special live panel discussion to discuss voter suppression and the future of democracy in the US. 

Panelists include the documentary filmmaker, Gilda Ann Brasch; activist for Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Marquis McKenzie; and Chukundi Salisbury from Urban Vote.

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  • Runtime
    18 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Gilda Ann Brasch
  • Producer
    Gilda Ann Brasch
  • Executive Producer
    Michael Cartwright, Jaime Estades, Autumn Udell, Lauren Lexton & Rev. Michael McBride
  • Filmmaker
    Gilda Ann Brasch
  • Cast
    Desmand Meade & Marquis Mckenzie
  • Editor
    Jordan Freeman, Marla Mitchnick & Omega Hsu
  • Music
    Lele Marchitelli, Moby, & Nainita Desai