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Since the dawn of cinema puppet animation has provided some of the most mesmerising films ever made and puppet animators have been among the most revered. Breathing a kind of life into inanimate puppets is a very special form of magic and this programme showcases the continuing vibrancy of this technique.

Puppet films should always look like they were handmade. The movements are not always clean, super smooth and flawless. The characters in the films should ‘feel’ real…. because they are! It is these quirks and wonderful little imperfections that make these films so special and define some of the most important elements of a puppet film.

These thought-provoking, moving and downright bonkers short puppet films have been made by some of the most talented independent animators in the last few years from their different bunkers around the world, in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Poland and the UK, proving that tangible and physical stop-motion and puppet animation is alive and well and in rude health in the 21st century. Long may it prosper!

The Pérez family are an almost normal family, although their behaviour is somewhat dysfunctional. The couple plans to fertilise an egg she laid last night.

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    7 minutes
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    UK Premiere
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  • Filmmaker
    Carla Pereira & Juanfran Jacinto