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As a prism disperses light into various colors, dance inspires diverse forms of expressions and stories. Celebrating the multifold expressions of dance, these specially curated films from Canada and the U.S. exhibit how dance can rediscover, awaken, and transform both traditional and contemporary forms of visual art, including painting, VFX, and collage. Imaginative and daring, this selection of films not only reflects the creative potentiality in dance, but also illuminates its ever ubiquitous presence in our everyday.

(~36 min TRT)

Humans are like existential onions. There are many layers to uncover, hence the title name, Undertones. It is a single-channel experimental movement film that focuses on the relationship between the underlying layers of architecture, music & sound, and the movement artists. The film plays with themes of curiosity, tension, connection, and release. Through movement, it explores how personal experiences and emotions are not only affected by other individuals, but also by the elements in the environment that surrounds us. The relationship is cyclical in nature and as the cycle repeats, we gain more awareness within and outside.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Kat Castro