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Almost Friends - Winner Best Editing & Best Male Performance
Michael recently quit his full-time job to become an actor. In order to afford his apartment, he must find a roommate.
How to Survive A Horror Movie: Rule #43 - Winner Best Horror/Scifi Short
Join the Friggitz on their exposé to teach the world how to survive a horror movie. In this episode, they tackle that relentless problem that continues to plague the world--zombies!
Locked Down - Winner Best Dance/Music Video
'Locked Down' is a dance for film birthed during the Covid-19 pandemic and inspired by personal experiences that were brought forth by having to isolate.
Thespian: Season Two - Winner Best Web Series
On his 50th birthday, a once-promising comedian with a flat-lined career decides to quit comedy and go back to his roots as a serious actor.
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Tapajós: a brief history of the transformation of a river - Winner Best Animation
Residents of Miritituba, a small village in the heart of the Amazon, struggle to survive amidst the large soybean export ports.
PRISONER - Winner Best Director
Five characters struggle in their respective lives to get rid of a destiny imposed, suffered, or thwarted, in order to fully flourish in their respective choices.
NOCTURNE - Winner Best Weird & Wonderful
This abstract animated art film is created as a reflection of the current state affairs after one year of pandemic. Created as a rite of spring with renewal and rejuvenation core to the spirit of human endeavor.
It’s Just The Game - Winner Best Short Film
A young couple find themselves wrenched from their pleasant and ordered suburban life and catapulted into an alternative world in which they are now contestants in a bizarre game show.
The Silent Messenger of Alameda California - Winner Best Documentary
Alameda local leaves chalk messages on the sidewalk to spread love and positivity around her community. After almost 3 years she's left 8,000 chalk messages around Alameda and San Francisco, CA.
The Knell - Winner Best Student Film
On his first day at a rural Oklahoman university, a Ghanaian international student with hopes of achieving the American Dream, encounters a beautiful yet mysterious campus tour guide who sends him down a deadly path in which he awakens to discover an American nightmare he must overcome.
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Michael recently quit his full-time job to become an actor. In order to afford his apartment, he must find a roommate. A team of documentary filmmakers have decided to film his adventure. They are soon going to realise that Michael is looking for more than just a roommate. He’s searching for a best friend. That’s why Michael is willing to dress up and even to test his potential roommates. Helped by his sister, Lily, and his theatre coach, Francis, Michael will find out that his worst enemy is himself.

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    6 minutes
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    Rémi SANZ Y BUENO, Alicia JACQUES, Alexandre Massonnet