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Years of industrialized agriculture have been a major contributor to climate change. TO WHICH WE BELONG follows a new generation of farmers and ranchers who seek to rebuild their businesses and their planet by embracing the interconnectedness of living things.

On land long depleted by monocultured crops, Trey Hill fills the fields with colorful tangles of plant life, revivifying the soil and bringing new richness to the harvest. In Chihuahua, Mexico ranchers like Alejandro Carrillo practice revolutionary techniques in cattle herding, carving out space for wildlife to thrive again. And off the coast of Connecticut, Bren Smith re-seeds the ocean with kelp, mussels, oysters, and scallops, restoring ecosystems ravaged by commercial fishing.

Despite their difference in culture and location, these farmers and ranchers are rooted in the same belief: that to work with nature, not against it, is the answer. Science is showing that if we draw down enough carbon from the sky back into the soil through regenerative agricultural practices, we can actually reverse climate change bringing carbon dioxide down to pre-industrial revolution levels.

So, now it’s our turn: to bring awareness and support to the ranchers and farmers doing the work to renew the earth through these simple, yet profound practices. TO WHICH WE BELONG tells the stories of nine farms and ranches going against the grain to bravely leave behind practices that are no longer profitable or sustainable.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    89 minutes
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    United States
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  • Director
    Pamela Tanner Boll, Lindsay Richardson
  • Producer
    Lindsay Richardson, Paula Kirk
  • Executive Producer
    Pamela Tanner Boll
  • Cinematographer
    Jerry Risius
  • Editor
    Nancy C. Kennedy
  • Animator
    Jason Conradt
  • Composer
    Nathan Halpern
  • Sound Design
    Mike Jones, Tom Efinger