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The Fell We Climb
Hamira must find her voice and courage in the hope to create an anti-racist future for all.
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The Path
A young migrant, forced to leave her home, desperately searches for her family.
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I'm Leaving
As the night comes, the journey begins. Running rushing, racing.
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These are the Shows!
A window into the world of Taiwanese dramas
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The Lords of Water
Featuring an iconic soundtrack and voice over from legendary actor Matt Berry, the film takes a novel approach to water marketing, leaving you thirsting for more!
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Endling "Extinction is Forever"
Exploring what life is like for a vixen and her cubs on an Earth left in post-apocalyptic chaos.
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Ashnikko - Worms
Ashnikko in a monstertruck and a squad of develish beasts ride towards the sunset to battle the angelic overlord robots.
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Théâtre du Passage
Many different characters enter the premises for an exciting evening at the theatre.
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Save the Children - Home
In a completely purple world, inhabited solely by triangular purple characters, a small orange circle arrives at school and immediately feels out of place.
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Blue Peter Amazing Authors - 'There's A Big Bad Wolf'
There’s a Big Bad Wolf at the back of my shed...
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Cycle of Change
Half of the population will go through this major natural life change but so many of us are not prepared and don’t know what to expect.
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This is Sh*t
In just three words, ‘This is Sh*t’ summarise the outrage felt by communities across the nation about river pollution
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Thatchers Cider - Pint Sized Perfection
Pint-Sized Perfection brings you through the gates of Thatcher's very own Myrtle Farm.
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Rocket Journey
Prepare for an absolute blast!
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The Beatles "I'm Only Sleeping"
Enter John Lennon’s stream of consciousness as he dips and surfaces in his sleep.
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A selection of the best animated music videos, interstitials, adverts, explainers and more from this year's festival. Tune in online to see the very best creative responses that shape the world around us.

Age Certificate: 15

This screening carries the following trigger warnings for content:

Racism, Self Harm, Animal Death

Trigger warning content categories used are courtesy of the Film and TV Charity’s advice: https://bit.ly/3EX7TA8

Hamira must find her voice and courage in the hope to create an anti-racist future for all. The Fell We Climb reveals an inside look at what it’s like to grow up in Cumbria if you’re not white and to inspire and motivate us all to become actively anti-racist.

  • Year
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    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Lou Kneath, Jeffrey Wallin