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 Melbourne Short 4

Melbourne a City Sleeps

Director Jamie van Leeuwen

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 2 mins


In March 2020, Melbourne changed. We watched as COVID-19 spread around the world, impacting almost every aspect of daily life. This micro documentary captures that historic moment in time, when the city fell silent.

Africa on Air

Director Tom Lowe

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 38.14 mins

Description: "Ride the airwaves with radio presenter Stani Goma for a unique perspective on the changing face of African music and culture in Melbourne today."


Director: Rendah Haj

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 14 mins 12 seconds


Rahma, a single mother of four, encourages her children to maintain a strong sense of family, faith and cultural identity. This inevitbly is contrasted with the difficulties and disconnect she faces as a migrant and Muslim living in Melbourne.

Stay Sharp

Director Lauren Hester

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 14.05 mins


Stay Sharp is a short documentary exploring Melbourne’s iconic and often misunderstood Sharpie subculture of the 1970s, focusing on its resurgence in recent decades.

The Changing Art of Skyler Ru

Director Tom Vogel

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 5 mins


Artist Skylar Ru Silva explains how he is obsessed with creating. In the process of creating he paints over old works and does not have the attachment to his work like some other artists. The process means more to him than the actual end piece.

The King of Frankston

Director Kristina Kraskov

Rated: G - General

Runtime: 13 mins 49 secs


The King of Frankston tells the story of a town with a bad name through the search for its most famous resident. An unlikely local legend known for his incredibly short shorts, confident stride and impressive sneaker collection, this hero was seen every day strutting the streets of Frankston until he disappeared. With thousands of dedicated fans, why does no one know his true identity? Surrounded by negative stereotypes, is this the hero Frankston needs or the hero it deserves?


Director Jamie Wilson

Rated: M - Mature

Runtime: 29 mins 46 seconds


Burgermen is a retrospective documentary that takes a look inside a iconic Melbourne hamburger shop (Dannys) and the men who started it all back in the 1950's. 

Shot over a three years on a Panasonic ms1, with no official script, little money and minimal crew. 

This was Jamie's first directorial debut as a filmmaker. 

Jamie Wilson is a Melbourne based actor and filmmaker with over 25 years of experience. He has made several shorts, including a music clip and two other documentaries, which have screened at local festivals.

He was a co-producer/actor on One in a Million (Tropfest 2009) and also won best documentary tie for Come back Mr. Bule (Muff 16).

He will also be premiering his most recent short The Backroad at the (Setting Sun film festival 2020). Jamie is currently writing two feature length scripts.