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Short Session 6


By Charlotte White

This intimate, in-depth look at India Angel’s songwriting process and celebrated debut single ‘Move On.’ reveals the emotional and vulnerable road from pen and paper to commercial success.

Nanna Power: The Story of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas

By Anne Keen & Pete White

What could cause a great grandmother to lock herself to a fence?

The Gloucester Knitting Nannas formed during the regional New South Wales town’s fight against AGL, which made national headlines.

'When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty' is the motivation behind four grandmothers who protest against gas and greed in Australia.

Lost Contact

By Jaina Kalifa & Amelia Paxman

Aldo has always felt like a being from another planet, stranded on Earth. His autism and long struggle to speak fluently alienated him from others. Now, he searches for meaning in the esoteric and for connection with people like himself.

2020 a Covid Space Odyssey

By Alina Manolache & Vladimir Potop

Astronaut Jessica Meir's seven-month mission on the International Space Station (expedition 62, from September 2019-April 2020) glides from the euphoria of the first days in zero gravity, to the deep pressure of the first all-female spacewalk in history, and finally to a completely unexpected event: seeing the global pandemic on earth unfold from orbit. Will the astronaut be returning to a completely different planet?

The Mesdames of Mayhem

By Cat Mills

Delve into the dark minds of a collective of murder mystery writers and learn of the creepy, sometimes twisted realities that inspire these women's stories.

Every two years, a group of authors in their 50s-80s, combine their forces and write an anthology of murderous short stories. They call themselves The Mesdames of Mayhem.

While most fiction writing has historically been dominated by men, we see an exception with crime writing. The readership of crime fiction is mostly women.

So why do women love murder?

Through the stories of four Mesdames, Lisa, Melodie, Jane and Donna, we learn why women are drawn to the crime fiction world and how they restore chaos and obtain justice-even if it is just on paper

On Falling

By Josephine Anderson

In this short documentary, three women reflect on their willingness to sustain broken bones, concussions, and organ damage as professional mountain bikers. On Falling is a dreamy, unorthodox glimpse into the inner landscapes of those immersed in a subculture where falling is normal. Blending white-knuckle riding, crashes, and quiet self-examination, the film unfolds as a sensory meditation on the rush of control that comes with completely letting go.