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Short Session 3

Searching for a Friend

By Guillym Davenport

When the memory of a lost friend is brought into focus for the filmmaker, they set out to try and find them again. What unfolds is a coming of age story about memory and the things we leave behind for the important people in our lives

Stranger in the Crowd

By Matt Alpass

'Stranger in the Crowd’ documents Phil, a man who fell into a life of performing as Elvis (amongst others) for the pure joy and entertainment of people from all walks of life.

This is not a film about an Elvis impersonator, but a snippet into the life of a man who strives to help people escape their own realities - whilst also escaping his.

Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef

By Tom Abood

This documentary follows the work of a team of scientists, explorers and conservationists as they join forces on an ocean adventure to survey the effects of climate change on one of the most remote and rarely visited regions of the Great Barrier Reef. Calling for immediate global action, their work offers hope that our coral reefs can be rescued and protected for generations to come.

Solid Flesh

By Christian Byers

A mutely observed, darkly humourous experimental documentary following the inner workings of a Sydney Funeral Home.

Raising Joey

By Stephanie Senior

A Photographers Journey to save animals in need.

The Shape of Air

By Rob Layton

Willy Nicholls is one of the few surfboard airbrush artists left in Australia. With his dog Ruby constantly at his side, Willy continues a craft that started in the 1970s when psychedelia and surf culture merged for a unique - and now dying - art form.

Salty Sea Dog

By Lara van Raay

Madeleine Habib has spent her life in remote and sometimes dangerous situations, as she uses her skills as a Master Mariner to do work that many others wouldn’t dare to.

Murder on the Dance Floor

By Louise Bertoncini

It’s 1925 and hundreds of people are dancing the foxtrot in Western Australia’s Government House, when BANG! A gun goes off. People turn to see jilted fiancée, Audrey Jacobs, holding the pistol while standing over the bleeding body of her ex, Cyril Gidley.

What should have been an open and shut case proved to be a very different stor

My Dad Elvis

By Eric Piccoli

I always thought that having an Elvis impersonating dad was something normal. As I got older, I quickly realized that it was all but that. It's actually quite special. Especially that at 70 years old, my dad decides to hit the stage one last time, to return as Elvis. “My dad, Elvis” is an intimate and loving portrait by a son whose 70-years-old father is an Elvis impersonator.