23rd MKE INT Short Film Fest

MKE INT Short Film Fest: Block 4

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Welcome back to the 23rd MKE INT Short Film Fest! This fourth block is heavy with Wisconsin filmmakers, so let's dive in! The stop motion/live action/musical, Reanimation of the Imagination by Tommy Simms, has the filmmaker playing a descendent of Victor Frankenstein trying to bring his own monster to life. New York filmmaker, Stacey Maltin brings us Appetite, which is the story of an aging hedge fund CEO, checking out an open love party discovers things about himself. Local filmmaker, Cecelia Condit is back with I've Been Afraid, it deals with the fear of aggression, and those paralyzing forces that allow the body to accept violence. First time filmmaker, Becky Osman has The Child, the story of Bill, whose life is spiraling towards rock bottom and what'll take to get his game back? Kagaraja- Lord of all Animals is a video portrait of a wildlife activist in Bangalore, India by Lenore Rinder. Amber Rose McNeill's Two Minutes on High challenges the deeply ingrained concepts of normative sexuality and traditional gender roles. Megan Massey returns with, No Concessions,  two sisters find solace in a local movie theater, through small rebellions, they take on the world alongside each other. Save All Who Dare by Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow is a poetic film that asks the question of what truly is right or wrong during a time of crisis. Kay Barnes, a North Carolina filmmaker has 3:35 to Boston, it's the story of a military wife who struggles to balance all the pieces of her life. Pipo and Blind Love by Hugo Le Gourrierec, will close out this block, It's a Chaplinesque fantasy about a factory worker falls in love with a woman sitting on a bench. For information on these films please hit the links connected to each title, or visit our website, Milwaukee Independent Film Society for more on this block and the rest of our programs playing during the festival. Plus, check out our youtube channel for a ton of free content with filmmaker Q/A's and trailers to the films.  

  • Year
  • Runtime
    107 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Rating
    Ages 16 and Up
  • Director
    Tommy Simms, Stacey Maltin, Cecelia Condit, Becky Osman, Lenore Rinder, Amber Rose McNeill, Megan Massey, Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow, Kay Barnes, Hugo Le Gourrierec
  • Producer