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Ghazi grew up in Chicago and attended Niles West during his freshman year. Afterward, he transferred to a private school. Ghazi was always a sports fan which led him to work for ESPN. He has put up many games on ESPN and also introduced Lebron James on television. While working for ESPN, Ghazi found out about a school in Dearborn named Fordson whose football team had qualified for the state championship. Afterward, Ghazi visited the school and was fascinated by the number of Arabs and how the students could play football during Ramadan. He got the idea of making a documentary on this school in order to humanize Islam.

“We wanted people to be educated. If nobody would take out the film, how would we educate them about Islam?” said Ghazi when asked about the film.

There were many difficulties that Ghazi had to face before and after making Fordson. The idea was rejected many times before Ghazi was given permission to create the film. After the film was made, many television networks rejected the film to be aired, such as TLC, HBO, and PBS. Ghazi also received discouraging comments from bloggers who expressed their hatred for the film.

According to Ghazi, the film humanized Islam in the eyes of non-Muslims and made them aware of the fact that not all Muslims are bad. He wanted people to accept Muslims as Muslim-Americans, Arab-Muslim Americans, and so forth.