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Maine Audubon 2021 Earth Day MOFF screening

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Maine Outdoor Film Festival presents the 8th annual special conservation-themed version of the popular film tour. Join us for a curated selection of short independent films featuring the outdoors, a special raffle, and an evening celebration of Earth Day.

Maine Outdoor Film Festival presents the 8th annual special conservation-themed version of the popular film tour. Join us for a curated selection of short independent films featuring the outdoors for a virtual celebration of Earth Day.

Maine Audubon is the state’s oldest and largest wildlife conservation organization.

Since 1843, we have been connecting people to nature through a science-based approach to conservation, education, and advocacy. The largest Maine-based wildlife conservation organization, Maine Audubon has eight wildlife sanctuaries, 10,000 members, 2,000 volunteers, and serves over 50,000 people annually. Learn more at

This film program features the following films:

Title   -   Minutes   -   Short Synopsis   -   Directors   -   Filmmaker Origin:

LESSONS FROM JEJU   -   13.25   -   Free diving legend Kimi Werner explores the rich history and culture of the Haenyeo, an iconic and resilient group of free diving women on the Island of Jeju.   -   Nicole Gormley   -   Venice, CA

WINTER STILLNESS   -   3.5   -   I am always inspired by the still coldness of winter. This entire film is filmed with an anamorphic lens.   -   Jeshua Soucy   -   Belgrade, Maine

MAINE COAST   -   3.5   -   Silent film with imagery of the Maine Coast filmed with super 8mm camera.   -   Nate Allard   -   Arrowsic/Phippsburg, Maine

AMAZING GRACE: THE LITTLE OLYMPIANS   -   3.75   -   A 4-minute, slow motion film that explains, and celebrates, the grace and behavior of hummingbirds ... while also urging environmental awareness in your own backyard.   -   Roger McCord   -   Maine

3 WHEELS UNDER THE SUN   -   18.64   -   Justin and An'so embarked on a grueling 6000km honeymoon across Eurasia, on a machine that only a wacky engineer could dream of. Mixing his passion for cycling and rowing, Justin pours his wildly creative genius into a 3 wheeled solar machine in his Vancouver based workshop.   -   Aaron Enevoldsen   -   Canada

WORKING WITH YOU TO KEEP CASCO BAY BLUE   -   4   -   We are drawn to the sea. Casco Bay connects southern Maine with the rest of the world. Friends of Casco Bay is using a community-oriented approach to protect this shared resource from the effects of climate change and pollution.   -   Knack Factory   -   Maine

DIP AND SWAY   -   3.9   -   Dip and Sway showcases traditional seamanship accompanied by music written and produced by a local musician.   -   Dylan Ladds, Dooster   -   Belfast, Maine

SALT PINE SUMMER   -   3.9   -   Great cinematography   -   Liam Scanlon   -   Woolwich

THE FOG   -   4   -   Interesting perspective on the pandemic   -   Art Bell   -   Old Orchard Beach

RECYCLED TO RIDE   -   4.4   -   Local New Hampshire surfer and surf crafter, Korey Nolan, has blended his love of surfing with his passion for environmental advocacy to create sustainable, creative surf craft that inspires change.   -   Anna Burns and Jack Bouchard   -   Maine and New Hampshire

TAKING CARE EPISODE 1 MAINE   -   5.75   -   This film follows John Connelly, a volunteer for the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA), and takes us up the rugged coast of Maine. Though it’s one of the lesser-known trails in the Northeast, the Maine Island Trail is also one of the most unique—America’s first recreational water trail.   -   Sam Davies   -   Vermont

KINDRED   -   6.6   -   Aural historian, jazz musician, sound-collage artist, and environmentalist Jack Loeffler shows us what it means to truly listen to the natural world outside our window.   -   Ben Moscona / Jason Edelstein   -   Ben is from Bozeman, Montana and Jason is from Denver, Colorado

AARON - SAILMAINE   -   1   -   SailMaine is a local non-profit providing access to Portland's waterfront to all.   -   Swallowtail / Dean Merrill   -   Portland, Maine

MYRTLE SIMPSON - A LIFE ON ICE   -   34   -   This profile features trailblazer, Myrtle Simpson, who has explored the world with her four children in tow.   -   Leigh Anne Sides   -   United States