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A block of outdoor films centered around friends and loved ones. Whether they’re partners, relatives, pals, or just friendly folks we know and love, they all have a story to share.

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RUNNING THROUGH BARRIERS - 6 minutes - by Julia Ngeow - from Maine

Short synopsis: A documentary short that features the Vermont-based ultra-runner, author, and social-justice advocate, Mirna Valerio, which explores the interrelation between environmentalism and racial justice.

RY'S WAY - 4.75 minutes - by Bailey Beltramo - from NH

Short synopsis: Tucked away in the suburbs of Concord, Ry's Way is a trail for everyone that pays tribute to a longtime community member, avid cyclist, and impactful person.

SAILING CITA - 8 minutes - by Anna Wilder Burns - from Portland, Maine

Short synopsis: SAILING CITA tells the adventurous story of Maine sailors Lauren Topchik and Teagan Tanner as they attempt to sail around the world. This film delves into what it takes (mentally & physically) to prepare for a worldwide sailing voyage.

RAISED ON RAINBOWS - 8.9 minutes - by Matt Coddaire - from Gunnison River, Colorado

Short synopsis: Having kids and still pursuing a passion for fly fishing can be a challenge. For this Colorado couple though, sharing the sport with their children has brought new depth, patience, and an even stronger desire to preserve the rivers they love for generations to come.

THE MAROON BOMBER - 9.95 minutes - by Joshua M. Thomas - from CA

Short synopsis: Four siblings delve into the love they share for the family’s old, beat up truck. This love gets tested.

SUFFERFEST - 11 minutes - by Tyler Graim - from USA, CO, Denver

Short synopsis: Katie and Dominic are both Ultra-Runners who run 100 mile foot races all over the country. In this film, they discuss the intense physical and mental pain that comes with running these psychotic races, but also the amazing euphoria that comes with completing such an immense physical feat.

24 LEECHES - 10 minutes - by Aaron Peterson - from MI

Short synopsis: Though filmmaker Aaron Peterson's 10-year-old son died in 2019, the boy lived an adventure-filled and wise life. In 24 LEECHES, that same boy narrates a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada while making reflections on the world around them. This film serves tribute to Aaron's best friend and adventure partner.

SNOWY - 12 minutes - by Alex Wolf Lewis and Kaitlyn Schwalje - from Maine

Short synopsis: Snowy, a four-inch-long pet turtle, has lived an isolated life in the family basement. With help from a team of experts and his caretaker, Uncle Larry, we ask: Can Snowy be happy, and what would it take? 

JEFF LABREE | MAINE GUIDE - 1.5 minutes - by Lone Spruce Creative - from Maine - Short synopsis: What it means to be a registered guide in the North Maine Woods

THE LONG GAME - 5.33 minutes - by Herman Mantis, Inc. - from PORTLAND

Short synopsis: Resiliency takes many forms in this story of overcoming obstacles, finding hope in devastation and transforming adversity into positive action. Nature is powerful, healing, humbling and a vital human right. Follow Ryan Dunfee on his journey to recovery through the power of the Maine wilderness and the lessons learned along the way.

TREE TO BOARD - 16 minutes - by Torsten Brinkema - from Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently residing in Waterville, Maine.

Short synopsis: This film follows Filmmaker Torsten Binkema's journey from tree to board as he shapes a surfboard from sustainably harvested North Atlantic Cedar.

FREE AS CAN BE - 31 minutes - by Samuel Crossley - from CA

Short synopsis: When a young climber infatuated with climbing history meets an old legend, he commits to helping him accomplish his lifelong goal of free climbing El Capitan.

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