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Synopsis: Cloud and Dawn are living their days, enjoying each other's company. One day, Cloud arrives home to find Dawn collapsed on the floor, and as he tries--and fails--to save her, he becomes consumed with grief and self-loathing. Unable to accept his wife's death, Cloud attempts to commit suicide, but is stopped by his 8-year old daughter, Una. Upon seeing her, he remembers that he is not alone and finds his reason to continue living on.

Festivals: Maginhawa Film Festival 2020

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial
  • Producer
    Patricia Solano
  • Cast
    Armand Gindap, Monique Licu, Patricia Solano
  • Cinematographer
    Maginhawa Film Festival 2020 (Responses) Maginhawa Film Festival 2020 (Responses) 100% 10 Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial Screen reader support enabled. Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial
  • Editor
    Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial
  • Animator
    Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial
  • Production Design
    Patricia Solano & Sally Barcial
  • Sound Design
    Patricia Solano, Sally Barcial, Alexander Price, Katrice Reyes