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Klaudia, a “live show” performer in a whore-house, was rented by Javier, a 12-year old millionaire, to be his mother for a week. Hesitant at first, Klaudia learns to adapt Javier in her world but everything suddenly change when Javier awakes the ghost of Klaudia’s dark past. Could Javier save Klaudia from the monster of her world? Could their mock-up relationship prove that love can set anyone free?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Rating
  • Director
    Tim Rone Villanueva
  • Screenwriter
    Tim Rone Villanueva
  • Producer
    Dee Nermal
  • Executive Producer
    Shiela Rosario & Renzo Rosario
  • Co-Producer
    Tim Rone Villanueva
  • Filmmaker
    Tim Rone Villanueva
  • Cast
    Cataleya Surio, Micko Laurente, Orestes Ojeda
  • Cinematographer
    Owen Berico
  • Editor
    Chad Simbajon
  • Production Design
    Hogan Aragon
  • Sound Design
    JR Doroteo
  • Music
    JR Doroteo