Alternative Framings: The Cinema of Joselito 'Jay' Altarejos

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Logline: Memories of Forgetting chronicles the reunion of an older man and a younger man whose unspoken, special relationship was ruined five years ago by an allegation of abuse. Will the truth and love prevail this time or will fate play with them again? The film is an expressionistic take on gay love using, words, music, and imagery. It tackles a kind of relationship between two consenting individuals that are unspoken, and sometimes unacknowledged.

Synopsis: JIM, 30s, is a filmmaker who had an unacknowledged special relationship with MICHAEL, 20s, an actor he worked with five years ago. In the midst of shooting a film, Michael quit the project leaving a trail of gossip on the real reason for leaving. While Metro Manila is in lockdown, the two meet again. The meeting is cordial, friendly. But once they get to Jim’s apartment, their dynamics become volatile, fighting at some point and making love the next moment. The couple drinks, smokes weed, dances, talks, and faces the inevitable- the question of harassment. Once again, answers are just implied through actions. And a better relationship seems to be in the offing. But Jim’s mother, YVONNE, dies and ‘gets in the way.’ Once again, their relationship is halted. After some time, at a wedding, Jim and Michael meet again. Will they finally seize the chance to realize their protracted relationship?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    61 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Joselito 'Jay' Altarejos
  • Screenwriter
    Joselito 'Jay' Altarejos
  • Producer
    Joselito 'Jay' Altarejos, Marylen Altarejos, Lex Bonife
  • Co-Producer
    Oliver Aquino, Junnel Gorospe
  • Filmmaker
    Joselito 'Jay' Altarejos
  • Cast
    Noel Escondo, Jonathan Ivan Rivera, and Dexter Doria
  • Cinematographer
    Manuel Garcellano, Nix Bagaoisan, Onin Estrella, Kent Flores
  • Editor
    Joselito ;'Jay' Altarejos
  • Production Design
    Darrel Manuel
  • Sound Design
    2076 Collective
  • Music
    2076 Collective