10th Annual McMinnville Short Film Festival

MSFF Celebrating Award-Winning Films

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zzOCT2020 Nancy's intro + sponsors - October 2020
zzOCT2020 A Family Journey Intro
zzOCT2020 A Family Journey
A family's journey in McMinnville, Oregon. The footage was captured by the Executive Director of McMinnville Community Media while he was heading to work one morning.
zzOCT2020 Four Daughters Intro
zzOCT2020 Four Daughters
The father of the bride, having left the wedding reception, finds himself in an adjacent tavern. There he reveals certain regrets he has to one of his daughters.
zzOCT2020 Wake Intro
zzOCT2020 Wake
Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult, but denying it is dangerous. Wake is a powerful and symbolic short film that deals with death and the process of acceptance.
zzOCT2020 The Plumber Intro
zzOCT2020 The Plumber
The day-in-the-life adventures of intergalactic plumber Buck Mooncrater, as he travels to the seedier side of space to fix a mysterious clog in a wretched nightclub lavatory. Strange things abound as the plumber plunges in action to root out the source of the problem!
zzOCT2020 Shanghai Faders
One man's unfortunate trip through the mysterious past of a condemned building in old-town Portland.
zzOCT2020 The Kenton Lead Blob Intro
zzOCT2020 The Kenton Lead Blob
When a small neighborhood has reason to believe that there's lead contamination in their community, one filmmaker rallies his neighbors to track down the cause.
zzOCT2020 Sac de Merde
An unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of crap. Literally.
zzOCT2020 We Were There Intro
zzOCT2020 We Were There
Today is Nahal’s birthday. Her friends have gathered to throw her a surprise party and are faced with an unexpected event. How will they react to their newfound knowledge that surpasses their ethical boundaries?
zzOCT2020 Filmmaker Q&A - Oct 2020
Filmmaker Question & Answer session
zzOCT2020 Nancy's outro - October 2020

We are heading to our 10th annual MSFF and along the way we are celebrating a sample of award-winning films from the past 9 years. Beginning with 2011, experience the beginnings to where we are today.

Suggested ticket price is $5 per person, but please be aware that this is our mid-year fundraising event so any additional amount you pay is a donation that fuels our future! Through the generosity of our supporters, the dedicated MSFF team, board of directors, and volunteers promise you that your donation is put to good use bringing this valuable arts & cultural event to our community.

We are honored to share works by these filmmakers:

"Walking Tour" by Jerry Eichten (Newberg, OR) - 2011 Over 18 Winner

"Four Daughters" by Ray Robison (Medford, OR) - 2012 award nominee

"Wake" by Austin Smagalski (Los Angeles, CA) - 2014 Sunrise Rotary Emerging Artist Award

"The Plumber" by Christian Bergmans (Portland, OR) - 2015 Grand Jury

"Shanghai Faders" by AJ Gordon (Portland, OR) - 2016 Best Director

"The Kenton Lead Blob*" by Zach Putnam (Portland, OR) - 2017 Recology Award

"Sac de Merde" by Greg Chwerchak (Los Angeles, CA) - 2019 Grand Jury

"We Were There" by Saeed Vahidi (Vancouver, BC) - 2020 Best Genre