Newport Beach Film Festival - 2020

Animation Fascination

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Since the timeless night, on life's plains, humanity facesthe Sorcerers of Evil's indefeasible designs...
Bolero Station / Bolero Station (Work in progress, will be finished by the end of june)
The signalman lives on one side of the tracks, the saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but it’s not till death comes knocking that they both seize their chance to be together. They do it properly – and it’s enough for a lifetime.
Burning Bright
BURNING BRIGHT is a stylized, animated thriller produced in partnership between IMG Models and filmmaker Aaron Bierman. Inspired by noir classics like The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep, the film features the talents and likenesses of supermodels Chanel Iman, Elsa Hosk, Jessica Stam, Nadine Leopold and actor Nolan Funk. When a mysterious briefcase is stolen, a young woman (Chanel Iman) battles to reclaim it while her ex-boyfriend and his team of ruthless female assassins does everything in their power to destroy her.Burning Bright is the story of a young woman who has given away her power to an unworthy man and must fight to recapture it before she loses her life and possibly her soul.
Cruel Shoes
A woman goes into a shoe store, and leaves with... the cruel shoes. Based off the short story "Cruel Shoes, " by Steve Martin.
Music was his passion...Love was his masterpiece...
Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. (When his car won’t start), he has no choice but to use public transportation. During his 8-minute bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis and comes to realize the true value of human interaction.Metro6 takes place in a world in which all necessities can be delivered without any human interaction. Digital convenience has eroded the need for day-to-day human connections—even ride share drivers are being replaced by autonomous driving solutions. Below the comedic surface of public transportation lies a warning for all of us living in the convenience-uber-alles 21st century to not lose the importance of human connections. As Zak becomes more socially aware and appreciative of his diverse community, so do we.
A man tries to keep pace in front of the hand of a clock, turning ever faster, until he's overtaken by time itself. PACE is an animated short film exploring our modern relationship with time and today's constant feeling of not having enough of it.
The Stained Club
Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of cool kids with different stains on their bodies. One day, he understands that these stains aren't just pretty.
While visiting a home for children, a little girl meets Joseph, a boy whose only dream is to have a yellow umbrella. This unexpected encounter awakens his memories of the past.Inspired by true events, Umbrella is a homage to empathy, hope and love.
Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days / Oncle Thomas – La comptabilité des jours
Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days explores the filmmaker’s special relationship with her uncle. The film is a powerful expression of love for this unconventional man, who played a decisive role in her life in addition to sparking her creative passion.
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Animation spectacular where everything is possible in the world of creativity. These are guaranteed to delight/entertain. This is NOT Saturday morning fare. Always a favorite.

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After meeting a group of cool kids with stains on their bodies, a young boy, also with stains on his skin, learns that these stains are more than just pretty.

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    Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier
  • Screenwriter
    Mélanie Lopez
  • Producer
    Philippe Meis