Newport Beach Film Festival - 2020

Made in California Shorts

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Lancaster Park
A single mother assumes the worst of her daughter. After destroying what she believes to be incriminating evidence she becomes lost in the desert where she learns that not everyone is as they seem.
Hearing impaired, homeless Gala escapes from a man who continually abuses her. While her life becomes a routine in an abandoned old truck on a mountain road, she has no clue the abusive man finds out where her hiding place is. One night, after a brutal attack, she finds the strength to stand up one last time and starts walking. She has no clue where this survival walk will end up and change her life forever!
Fort Irwin
To confront his past trauma, an amputee veteran acts in a hyperrealistic military simulation.
When a young woman enlists her best girlfriends to retrieve a family heirloom from a creepy house, the women butt heads with a gang of misfits who live there.
Washed Away
Reeling from his brother’s death, an artist goes to the beach to find solace in his painting. He’s struggling to get through his creative block and seeing an old man having a wonderful time frolicking and drawing in the sand only makes him frustrated and resentful. When the man leaves, the artist goes to see what on earth he was up to. At first he sees only a huge collection of random squiggles and lines. As he gains perspective, he realizes instead that what he’s looking at is Picasso’s Guernica in the sand. Was that old man Picasso or his spirit? The artist marvels over his discovery and explores the piece, enjoying it as his own. But soon a wave crash reminds him the tide is coming in and it will all be lost. Desperate to save it, he tries to hold the ocean back only to realize the absurdity of his efforts. Finally as the sun sets, he makes his peace with it all and watches as the art is washed away.
A single father confronts his past as he searches for his son.
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After struggling to cope with the loss of his brother, an artist discovers an old man on the beach drawing in the sand, and must accept that not all art is worth saving.

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  • Runtime
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    United States
  • Director
    Heidi Hornbacher
  • Screenwriter
    Paul Whitehead
  • Cast
    Darren Jacobs