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WINNER! Nevermore Jury Award - Best Picture (US/Canada)

WINNER! Nevermore Jury Award - Best Actor - MacLeod Andrews ("Jack")

Nevermore Jury Award Nominee - Best Actress - Natalie Walker ("Muriel")

Nevermore Jury Award Nominee - Best Director - Adam Stovall

Adam Stovall’s remarkable and haunting horror comedy has taken what boils down to a simple premise – a lonely man falls in love with the female ghost that is haunting him -- and delivers an emotionally affecting and wonderful love story that even the most hardened of horror fans will appreciate. A Ghost Waits is both a humorous haunted house movie, and a surprisingly tender exploration of isolation, loneliness and the fundamental human need for connection. The long-dead Muriel (Natalie Walker, TV’s Search Party) scares off the hapless residents of “her” house by floating above them in her flowing black dress, screeching, as the black veins pop from her face and neck. As they flee in terror, she returns to Earth with a satisfied smile and restored porcelain complexion. It’s a successful bit, until she comes up against Jack (MacLeod Andrews, They Look Like People) who has been tasked with cleaning the now-vacant house and making it ready for its new occupants. When her usual methods — moving objects, opening doors — don’t scare him, Muriel finds herself intrigued enough to start a conversation with him. Finding they have much in common, not least a desire to belong, Muriel and Jack are drawn together. But when Muriel’s spiky boss, Spectral Advisor Ms. Henry (Amanda Miller), insists that Muriel must frighten Jack away if she is to keep her home, Jack is spurred to take extreme action. Filmed in Cincinnati, OH, and Lakeside Park, KY. 

BONUS CONTENT: Director Adam Stovall and Actor MacLeod Andrews participate in a 38-minute Q&A with film critic tt stern-enzi about the inspiration, making-of, and process of shooting of A Ghost Waits.

BONUS CONTENT: After watching A Ghost Waits, stick around for a 15-minute on-set interview with the film's leading man, MacLeod Andrews.

It’s horrifying how sweet and beautiful A Ghost Waits truly manages to be whilst simultaneously presenting a devastating and overwhelming portrayal of loneliness and depression.” ---Daniel Wood, FrightFest Digital 2020

WEBSITE: A Ghost Waits


Screamfest 2020 - Winner: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor

FrightFest 2020 - Winner: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor

Glasgow Film Festival

Ramaskrik Film Festival

Dead and SudBuried Film Festival

Popcorn Frights Wicked Weekend

Director Biography - Adam Stovall

Adam was born in Covington, KY. He was part of the Northern Kentucky Troubadours theatre troupe, as well as a sketch comedy group called the Scott Walsh Comedy Foundation. He covered culture and politics for multiple local publications, and upon moving to Los Angeles in 2008 he began writing for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. This led to work with outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire, as well as writing acceptance speeches during award season. In 2013, he transitioned from film journalism to film/TV production, working on Split, Marry Me, Bar Rescue, Randy to the Rescue, etc. In addition to all that and making a movie, Adam directs audiobooks for Penguin Random House and Brilliance Audio. These days, he lives out of a suitcase, and spends too much time looking for the best local Indian and Thai food while figuring out what to write next.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    79 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Adam Stovall
  • Screenwriter
    Adam Stovall and MacLeod Andrews
  • Producer
    Adam Stovall and MacLeod Andrews
  • Cast
    MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker
  • Cinematographer
    Michael C. Potter
  • Composer
    Margaret Darling and Mitch Bain
  • Sound Design
    MacLeod Andrews