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Like Hirobumi Watanabe’s other films, the plot of Party ‘Round the Globe is remarkably simple: two Beatlemaniacs drive to Tokyo to see a Paul McCartney concert. The guys in question are Honda (Gaku Imamura), a man so taciturn that he doesn’t utter a word during the entire film, partly because his companion and coworker Hirayama (Watanabe himself) never shuts up. The film alternates between Hirayama’s hilarious fanboy monologuing in the car, and scenes of Honda’s life leading up to the journey, which provide hints as to why he’s so quiet. Among this film’s many charms is a dream sequence from the mind of Honda’s dog, in which he remembers happier times when he and his master were still with Honda’s wife and daughter. How can you resist that?

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  • Runtime
    117 minutes
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    Hirobumi Watanabe