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Electra - Daria Kashcheeva (Prague, Czech Republic)

Electra rethinks her 10th birthday, mixing memories with imagination and hidden dreams. Isolated in her fantasy world full of made-up busty dolls, plastic men’s body parts, juicy strawberries and dentist tools, she builds up her own relationships with her body and sexuality. Diving deeper and deeper into her childhood memories, she experiences again rebellion against her mother and mixed feelings for her father. Electra has to go through the most painful memories to let her suppressed feelings come out. In the end, she is ready to reveal what has really happened during her 10th birthday. 2023; 27 min.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    27 minutes
  • Country
    Czech Republic
  • Director
    Daria Kashcheeva
  • Screenwriter
    Daria Kashcheeva
  • Producer
    Zuzana Krivkova
  • Filmmaker
    Daria Kashcheeva