New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2022

2022 United States Super 8mm Film & Digital Video Festival Day 1 - Program 1 - Short and Experimental Films - Online for 24 hours!

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Available February 19, 2022 5:00 AM UTC
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A long time ago a sailor received a letter with 9 rules. They guide him on his long journey back to his beloved.
When I die
Over the course of the pandemic and amidst the lockdowns, while digging through massive amounts of paperwork, media, and other detritus that had built up over the past few decades, several reels of black-and-white super 8 film were uncovered.
Foreign Ages
Epistolary experiment in presenting fractured consciousness as a complex partial seizure (in which one stays awake but in an altered state) blurs life spontaneously.
Deconstructed Origins
Music Video shot on expired 8mm film from the 70s.
Parenthesis, a short impressionistic poem, liberates the inserted thought from its master.
A playful take on an outdated anthropocentric philosophy, Noösphere juxtaposes the beauty of a supplanted landscape against the inescapable detritus of a self-absorbed species.
The guy on the bed
News from another pandemic, the one that ‘changed everything’ before it fell out of the news cycle and collective memory, except for the newly infected, or those who, like myself, managed a new life after death.
My Parents Wanted Me To...
In this micro documentary cabaret performer Dito van Reigersberg aka Martha Graham Cracker talks about his relationship with his parents and their reaction to his drag persona.
Film for Storm de Hirsch
Rephotographed psychedelic painted and scratched images, collaged and abstracted. An homage to underground experimental poet and filmmaker, Storm de Hirsch; one of the great unsung women in avant-garde film.
Nostalgia’s Window
Body partakes in the stippled play of light and dark. Through the window of nostalgia, the dancer marks her memory of forgetting.
Swimming in the Clouds: Dreams & Videos from Covid Time
Filmmakers share their Covid dreams which range from funny and deeply personal to political and traumatic.
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III. – Tim Dübbert (Mönchengladbach, Germany)

A long time ago a sailor received a letter with 9 rules. They guide him on his long journey back to his beloved. Entirely shot and animated on Super 8 film. 2021; 13 min.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Tim Dübbert
  • Producer
    Tim Dübbert
  • Filmmaker
    Tim Dübbert
  • Cast
    Luisa Dübbert, Irina Dübbert, Chris Dübbert, Susanne Fried, Stephen Erckmann, Klaus Fabian, Tim Dübbert