New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2024

I Want to Live on Mars, Pripyat Horse, Five Loaves, Muted – Online for 24 Hours and In-Person at 7PM!

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Available June 7, 2024 4:00 AM UTC
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I Want to Live on Mars - Mariya Somova (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Two unlikely friends embark on a journey to escape life in a ghost town devastated by disaster. In broad strokes, two young women (Pickles, very rural, and Breezy, very urban) are brought together by the mistakes or the circumstances of their guardians beyond their control. After months of a prickly, unlikely friendship, and a series of poetically unexpected events, the two strike out on their own, leaving behind whatever scraps they had in exurban Pennsylvania in search of "Life on Mars." 2023; 80 min. 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    80 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Mariya Somova
  • Screenwriter
    Mariya Somova
  • Producer
    Anderson Boyd, Gabriel Theis,Frederick Shaibani, Anna Priscilla Robles, Brett C. Persson, Kevin Koperski, David J. Keogh, Mark Ezovski, Matti Leinikka, Justin Thomas,Alice Wells, Jordan L. Sims, Bradley Custer,
  • Filmmaker
    Mariya Somova
  • Cast
    Bethany Stolar, Claire Haller, Mark Solari, Martin Nikolov, Alexander Abe, Jenna You, Tatyana Kot
  • Cinematographer
    Adam Ninyo
  • Production Design
    Ivy Payne, Johniek Wroten
  • Music
    Joe Cyrus, Shine Delphi