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Elsewhere is a queer love story about longing and the tricks memory plays on your mind.
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Sabine McCalla - Rosalie #9
Sabine sings of unattainable love behind a cajun cottage.
Vodata Teche (The Water Flows)
Vodata Teche (The Water Flows) is a dark, surreal daydream in which a forest spirit transforms into a tree.
Time Ain't Enough
A middle class boy looks back on dealing with the repercussions of juggling school and his passions at a young age, to his mother's dismay.
"Water Me Down" by Vagabon
In this performance video for rising indie artist Vagabon (Laetitia Tamko), the choreography and mise-en-scene accentuate the transformation Laetitia undergoes as she frees herself from the people that hold her back.
Dipping Into Light Forever
This music video for the noise diva project, Oblivia, seeks to immortalize feminine personas as possible alternate lives, stories, and pathways of a singular person.
Even If It Hurts
Even If It Hurts is a duet about the ways in which we make ourselves vulnerable to those we love, sometimes at a high cost, while exploring the historical iconographic depiction of gendered love in art.
Tasche de la Rocha - Move Me
Tasche, a lonely busker sings in the empty streets amidst a pandemic.
Quiet as a Mouse
There is strength in our endings if we honor the pain.
Le Petit Prince
Landing from a journey that looks like a spaceship trip at the speed of light, six entities land peacefully in the unknown.
Made during coronavirus, completely in quarantine, we attempted to distill the energy of this song into a music video. Creativity is like gas: it expands to fit the container you are in.
OHD - vooDO Nile Ashton Remix (feat. Shangobunmi Durotimi)
An OHD time.
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Runtime: 49 minutes

Elsewhere is a queer love story about longing and the tricks memory plays on your mind. 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Maya Tanaka
  • Producer
    May Tanaka
  • Cinematographer
    Bob Geil
  • Editor
    Jenn Nielsen