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MASTERCLASS: Level up your Screenwriting Skills

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Are you a professional screenwriter looking to improve your craft? Are you a writer in other mediums and looking to transition to writing for the silver screen? Perhaps you are a filmmaker and want to make sure you know what to look for when choosing a screenwriter to translate your concept into a winning piece. Whatever the case may be, this Masterclass is for you!

Join Evan Marx from the Write Project Film Fund as he goes through common mistakes screenwriters make in developing scripts and tips for avoiding those pitfalls. As a fund manager at the Write Project, Evan and his team receive hundreds of scripts that they assess in order to approve for funding. What makes some scripts stand out above the rest to move on for funding and others not? Come prepared with a notepad, pen and your questions.

About the Write Project Film Fund

The Write Project Film Fund was created for the specific purpose to promote the development and production of professionally produced filmed entertainment in Africa for exhibition internationally. 

The two largest film industries in Africa currently contribute a total of $1 billion to the continent’s annual GDP. Nigerian film generates close to one million jobs, while the South African industry generates over 21,600.

Independent filmmakers face numerous challenges in financing and distributing their productions. The main goal of The Write Project is to boost Africa’s entrepreneurial creativity in the film industry by creating new jobs as the continent prepares for massive demographic waves. Their objective is to bring film investments and film projects to Africa, encourage the production of professional audiovisual works and promote international co-production.