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Danny is unable to make connections with the people in his life. Now his sympathetic therapist tries to help him realize that it's more important to focus on the time you have left than the time you've already spent.
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    United States
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    Alex has been a working creative in Los Angeles for the past 16 years. From his early days of performing improvisation in underground theaters and comedy staples like Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City, Alex applies the core philosophies of his time on stage into his work as an award-winning writer/director. His first independently produced pilot presentation, Shark Bites, landed a development deal with The Walt Disney Company, where it was adapted to an animated comedy series. While Alex has been in front of the camera for top-tier commercial projects for Apple and Nike, he’s also directed campaigns for AAA video game titles like PUBG and The Elder Scrolls Online. But perhaps his proudest moment came with he was tasked to travel to a galaxy far, far away and write an animated short film for Lucasfilm. Star Wars: The Old Republic-Disorder has garnered tens of millions of views online since its debut in 2022. However, Alex hasn’t lost touch with his independent spirit. He continues self-publishing comics, podcasting, and directing independent films. His latest work, That’s Our Time, started its festival run in 2023, kicking things off with an acceptance to the Oscar-qualifying Cinequest and the BIFA-qualifying MANIFF. He is currently writing a feature based on the short to direct later this year. His original concept Shark Bites found its way into the pristine white gloves of The Walt Disney Company where it was lovingly developed into an animated comedy.
  • Director
    Alex Backes
  • Screenwriter
    Josh Callahan, Alex Backes
  • Producer
    Taylor Craig,Stephen Ellis,Marque Richardson, Sara Amini, Tanner Boyajian,
  • Cast
    Marque Richardson, Debra Wilson
  • Cinematographer
    Danny Grunes
  • Editor
    Todd Zelin
  • Production Design
    Elizabeth Goldsby
  • Music
    Daniel O'connor