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James' dull daily routine is disrupted by a strange apparition that begins to haunt him in his waking moments and dreams alike. Suspecting who might be behind these disturbances, James sets out to confront the culprit.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    East Coast Premiere
  • Note
    Bio: Robin grew up in Switzerland and discovered his fascination with the twisted and macabre early on. He would spend many Saturday mornings watching creature features and Ray Harryhausen films. He later studied digital film making in London and worked as a production assistant, while writing/directing his own short films and producing music videos and commercials. His aim is to create stories and visuals that linger on the audience’s mind long after they’ve left the cinema.
  • Director
    Robin Rippmann
  • Screenwriter
    Robin Rippmann
  • Producer
    Robin Rippmann, Lorenz Weber
  • Cast
    Nikolas Salmon, Liza Callinicos
  • Cinematographer
    Stefano Battorola, James Canavan, Alessandro Ugo
  • Editor
    Felix Balke
  • Animator
    Philip Hofmänner
  • Composer
    Jo Quail
  • Sound Design
    Marc Fragenstein