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I-LOFAR presents - Science in the Movies Fact v Fiction

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Science in the Movies

Fact Vs Fiction

Science has been a great friend to the movies, a prop on which to build stories and create new realities  But have the movies been good to science in return? Often the answer is yes, with NASA or other specialist scientific advisers, but sometimes the fiction presented as fact would make the true scientists squirm in their seats.

Join us for an evening in the company of real and online scientists courtesy of

I-LOFAR, looking at the wins and the fails of how science is used and represented in the movies.

Also featuring

M51 Siral Nebula - This short film is a visual essay in celebration of the discovery of the spiral structure of Nebula Whirlpool. This momentous discovery, by William 3rd Earl of Rosse, allowed humans to see and realise, for the first time, that we lived not in a singular galaxy but multiple galaxies, a much vaster universe.


Mary Power Cooney, performer

Ann Cleare, composer

Brendan Farrell, filmmaker and editor

Fiona Breen, director

I-Lofar presents a tour through some of the science moments in the movies, that either convinced or left us dubious. Did that really happen? Could that really happen? Is there any basis in fact?