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7th Annual Trans, Nonbinary, and Intersex Summit

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Outcasts and Iconoclasts: The New Trans Cinema
Featuring an all-star panel of contemporary TNBI filmmakers, this roundtable represents an inflection point in the history of trans cinema as the current climate necessitates rethinking what it means to be a “trans film" and what it means to be a filmmaker of trans experience.
Facing despair and isolation, Sam finds hope in a liminal space where connectedness and joy light the way home.
Who You See
While preparing a corporate speech, a business professional reflects on their own statements about authenticity, and makes a decision on how to embody those beliefs.
This is where gender and technology meet
A digital age nightmare.
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit reminds us Adam (and Eve) was the original hermaphrodite who gave birth to humanity. Christianity has shamed & erased intersex stories & people from Ancient cultures around the world. Seven Graham (actor, writer, stand-up, artist) will not be silenced.
A doctor's faith in books is shaken when he stumbles upon the universe contained within a body.
At a time when the world is trying to break us down, it is important to remember the greatest rebellion of all, joy.
"The stress of being stood up by an ex-lover, triggers Arié to teleports into a new dimension where they heal their heartbreak by choosing themself.
Two kids help cheer up their parent on shot day.
On the anniversary of his coming out day, Marty and his bros reminisce on the messy, yet heartfelt moment that solidified their relationship even further.
After 500 days of coping with the state of the anti-transness in the world via an ancient transmitter, Z must accept that no one is out there and strike out on their own to build a new world or else stay forever hidden away in her basement hosting a radio show for one.
A Midsummer Night's Polycule
The fairy kingdom is in trouble! Nonbinary royalty, Oberon and Titania, are unable to reconcile their jealousy... until a friendly fairy provides a radical solution.
A group of trans people are freed from the aspic they’ve been stuck in.
Sea Angels
Beach-goers reflect on historic queer landmark "The People's Beach" at Jacob Riis Park in Queens, NY as ethereal sea angels float through the scene.
Scorpio Sun Rising
Scorpio Sun Rising is a Kenneth Anger inspired visual poem and smut film about the rebellion waged by loving the abundance of body hair.
The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: A Special Drag Performance
A special drag performance from the AMC/Shudder hit The Boulet Brothers' Dragula, featuring Koco Caine and Dahli.
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The Outfest Los Angeles Trans, Nonbinary & Intersex Summit (TNBI Summit) began as a creative response to the exclusion of TNBI voices in the development of TNBI narratives within Hollywood. Now in its seventh year, the TNBI Summit has evolved into a space to showcase and celebrate trans, non-binary, and intersex storytellers and talent, cultivate community, and facilitate dialogue. 

The theme this year is Rebellious Abundance. Pivoting on the theme of Envisioning Abundance from Outfest Fusion, the summit will highlight the ways in which TNBI artists build visions and futures by embracing the rebellion that has always defined gender variance. 

This panel represents an inflection point in the history of trans cinema. Between Outfest Fusion and Outfest Los Angeles, Outfest’s programs this year feature an extraordinary array of films by TNBI filmmakers that are aesthetically daring, that consciously engage with our community’s past to chart a new course for the future, and that understand that the current climate necessitates rethinking what it means to be a “trans film" and what it means to be a filmmaker of trans experience. Just as the Barbed-Wire Kisses panel at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival bound and defined the New Queer Cinema movement when our community was in a time of crisis, so too do we want to mark this moment for the TNBI filmmakers and community standing defiant in a time of uncertainty, fear, and violence. The panel features Aitch Alberto (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe), Alice Maio Mackay (T Blockers), and Georden West (Playland), Sav Rodgers (Chasing Chasing Amy), Tre’vell Anderson (author of the new book We See Each Other: A Black, Trans Journey Through TV and Film), Vera Drew (The People’s Joker), and Zackary Drucker (The StrollQueenmakerThe Lady & The Dale). Moderated by Outfest TNBI Summit co-programers Gabi Grossman and Kieran Medina.

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