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Usher (Michelle Tea) a doe of a different re mi, and Stew (Ed Wolf) a red stag unicorn deer, are a pair of indispensable workers employed to receive souls and weigh them on a scale. The light-hearted souls return to earth and heavy-hearted souls are fed to a monster. The Fungal Kingdom stands to inherit the earth due to the dramatic increase in heavy-hearted souls and now fate of the world rests in their hooves.

  • Social Media
  • Director
    Clement Goldberg
  • Screenwriter
    Clement Goldberg
  • Producer
    Clement Goldberg
  • Cast
    Michelle Tea, Ed Wolf, Chris Vargas, Irina Contreras, Tara Jepsen, Greg Youmans, Vanessa Veselka, Penny Arcade, Kirk Read, Ben McCoy, Maeve End, Beth Pickens, Susie Kim
  • Cinematographer
    Clement Goldberg
  • Editor
    Clement Goldberg