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Waking from a strange dream of a faceless fiance, Janice finds herself in an elevator of a strange hotel, without any memory of how she got there, or any memories for that matter. She has no phone, no wallet and no pants. As she searches through the hallways for a way out, she comes across Dev, in a room with its door open. Like her, Dev can’t seem to remember anything. Overcoming her initial mistrust of Dev, they try to find a way out. As they open room after room, they discover that they are in a full dive VR simulation. The rooms that they enter are filled with holographic versions of themselves. Janice is once again assailed by the earlier vision of her faceless fiance. Further rooms uncover varying holographic versions of themselves, some fighting, some embracing, some simply talking. But it is only when they return to the first room where they met that they discover the holographic versions are more than just simulations, they are actually memories. An idea by Dev has them investigating the elevator, where he finds a slot for his keycard. Putting it in, Dev starts to warp out of the left leaving Janice alone in a construct of the VR hallway and rooms.

Dev wakes up in his lab, where it is revealed that he is actually the creator of the simulation, and that Janice is his lover, though their affair was recently ended against his wishes. He also discovers that he had lured Janice into the simulation in a bid to get her back, and that their memory wipes were simply a means for them to have a fresh start. Meanwhile, Janice finally recalls the vision she had, and this time, her fiance’s face is not obscured, it is however, not Dev.

Janice and Dev come face to face. Dev tries to romance Janice, but he is rebuffed. Janice confesses that she has remembered who her fiance actually is. Dev then proceeds to activate a ‘reset’ function within the simulation, trapping Janice and wiping her memory.

She awakens to find herself in an elevator of a strange hotel...

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    Vikneshwaran Silva Naigam