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Witness Underground
Witness Underground reveals the Jehovah's Witness culture through artists on the inside who push the boundaries of expression only to hit the bars of the cage they are in.
23rd Century Giants: The Story of Renaldo & The Loaf
A feature film following the musical careers of Brian Poole and David Janssen, aka Renaldo & the Loaf, an avant-garde duo who have been creating strange and captivating music together since the '70s.
Each of Scars
Does man, who came up as the biggest star in Poland during drug&alcohol addiction, still be as huge in sobriety?
Fred Penner: This is My World
An inspiration for his fans of all ages, journey into the world of iconic children's entertainer Fred Penner.
The Album
Top creators of their day talk about the development of the art synonymous with the music you know and love.
The Sound of Us
A musical journey exploring the power of music and the triumph of the human spirit.
To B or To B Flat - The Composer Boudewijn Buckinx
Why is my music so simple? Why is my music so complex? A portrait of an artist who is radically following his own path.
- Who the f... is Roger Rossmeisl
Roger raymond Rossmeisl is the only luthier who worked for the 3 greatest guitar brands Gibson, Rickenbacker and Fender and he desiged some iconic guitars of the R&R history
Death of a Ladies' Man
Inspired by the work of Leonard Cohen, and set to some of his most beloved music, Death of a Ladies' Man tells the story of a carousing college professor (GABRIEL BYRNE) whose life takes a series of unimaginable turns, and all the old stories are given a new twist, when he begins to have surreal hallucinations and learns he may not be long for this world.
Sing to Me Sylvie
Ten years after a failed music career, Sylvie runs into her former bandmate David, now busking and living on the streets of Portland, and offers him a place to stay for three days while her husband is away, forcing them to confront their complicated history with music.
Skating Polly: Ugly Pop
Skating Polly is an Oklahoma City band made up of step-sisters, Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo. They have released three albums in a style they call Ugly Pop, building on the sounds of 70s Punk, early Grunge, as well as Folk Music. This documentary follows them from just before their 5th anniversary, through their 19th and 15th birthdays, and on to their first international tour, opening for Babes in Toyland.
Rez Metal
REZ METAL follows the Navajo heavy metal band I Don't Konform's remarkable journey from performing on poverty-stricken reservations to recording their debut album with Grammy-award winner producer of Metallica while telling the compelling story of thriving heavy metal scene on the Navajo reservations.
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Don't Walk Down That Road
Noir-inspired music video for Swedish artist Tilde.
The official music video for Keke Palmer’s song “Dreamcatcher” in which a super-fan tries to pull an all-nighter programming a robot of the Pop Star of his dreams.
3 Moons
After the death of her mother a young woman struggles to work out how to process her grief as the world moves on around her.
Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man
Politician Man is a protest song for Canada, by Northern roots-rockers Adrian Sutherland. The seeds were planted when his remote community of Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency over contaminated water. The award-winning video is his response to failed promises by politicians.
Becky Doll • Young Fresh Fellows
A young girl's aura is saved by the Becky Dolly
A Wall Street vampire starts vaping blood so he can date his dream girl. What could go wrong?
On the day Sawyer moves out of his childhood home, he witnesses vignettes of children at different stages of their life under the tutelage of their parents.
Clathrate Gun
A dark and beautiful music video to parallel these dark and changing global times. 'Clathrate Gun' from Tilman Robinson's third album CULTURECIDE on Bedroom Community.
Dermot Kennedy: Giants
Director Oriol Puig contrasted nature’s return, beauty and peacefulness to global human fears of entrapment and confinement, he was drawn to physically represent Dermot as an antique metallic exoskeleton within environments that warp, merge and in some scenes reveal reflections growing from the inside out.
A murderous duo repeatedly pursue their victim through a series of scenes reminiscent of the Giallo horror genre.
Get it, Let it Go
A series of mannequins help reanimate and cheer up a girl found in various states of failure and defeat.
Gorilla Wizard - Maple Crunch
A young man finds himself on a mysterious journey after eating a cursed cereal.
James Blake – Say What You Will
James Blake feels like he's constantly one-upped by someone else
Miracles - Jarryd James
Featuring Jarryd James and two doctors, Miracles allows you to enter the multi-layered world of Jarryd’s psyche - where we experience his inner thoughts, struggles, and realisations.
Lucie & the Robot - Beyond Now
Emerging from an unhealthy relationship, Beyond Now describes the gaps between past, present and future – reforming and reestablishing a sense of self.
Blind Youth Industrial Park
A woman drags an injured companion on a stretcher through an alien landscape, as the pair are tracked by a squad of armed soldiers in pursuit.
Nation of One
Far from Earth, tensions escalate between a feuding astronaut couple (Gnosis and Matthew ZanFagna). A video transmission from John Cameron Mitchell pushes them toward escaping the ship-- and each other.
Sleepin’ - Noble Son
The video follows Noble Son (Adam Kirschner), on the run from a mysterious intruder, through a series of increasingly bizarre, dream-like vignettes. We meet hungry surgeons, giant babies, the Zodiac killer and even Indie-Folk sweetheart Dan Mangan.
Official Music Video for Jake Huffman's single "Rosie" - out now!
Riotron - Dark Highway
Chased by a strange and evil presence, a man struggles to outrun his demons along the dark highway...
Slaving Away
What are you willing to do to climb to the top?
The Moon in the Water
"The Moon in the Water" was created as a part of the annunal autumn concert series from Seoul National University Department of Korean Music in the COVID19 era. The individual members of the string quartet and the Gayageum player each prepared without contact, using only the recordings.
A love letter to Nineties grunge --- and a personal psychomagic ritual about polarity, gender, fame and desire.
The Only Thing You See Now
"The Only Thing You See Now" by SeaPertls is an intimate duet filmed in the early morning hours on a dock along the Seattle waterfront. Dancers Miles Pertl and Leah Terada create a moving tableau, seeking balance on unsteady ground, accompanied by musician Jason Webley perched high atop a wooden piling.
Undone is a short dance film featuring Camren Bicondova
The Great Divide
The great divide takes us on an unwavering reverse-zoom journey through the big bang into the creation of life to a distant future all in one continuous camera move.
Female equestrians traverse a dreamy landscape, powerful figures on horseback driven by animalism and grace.
With lavender-tinged uniforms, the queer students revolt with satisfying consequences!
Wilsen Ruiner
Two very different women cross paths out in the mountains.
Color Me Jane
An outspoken high school counselor with a deformity has the answers to everyone’s problems – until she meets a student disfigured in a fire...and the man of her dreams.
A stylised tribute to Dolly Parton as explored through a portrait of a woman attempting to define herself at a look alike competition.
You'll Be Something
"You'll Be Something" is a jarring juxtaposition between the mundanity of familiarity and the consequence of passion. As the story unfolds we're reminded of how hard it can be to love when one doesn't feel worthy of love themselves.
YUKNO × Oehl feat. Autodrom - BRUMM BRUMM
Humans doing anything necessary for a sports car not to hit the ground.
Excuse My Accent
The music inspired short film follows a young girl as she looks in awe at today's ills, the viewer is able to equally grapple with the emotion of our current climate.
The Endless Moment - The Painter Rolf Kuhlmann
The film portrays the artist Kuhlmann, who reflects in his painting cycle sociopolitical conditions, illuminates their causes and correlations from different perspectives and creates a critical and poetic panorama of our time. With a keen eye for the creative process, Schmid documents creative success as well as severe crises and radical upheavals.
Dark Cloud/Grey Area
A visual album that tells the story of a musician who never quite made it.
THE SPACE BETWEEN US: Creating dance during a pandemic lockdown
From process to final film, "THE SPACE BETWEEN US: Creating dance during a pandemic lockdown," documents the unprecedented challenges faced and discoveries made as artists choreograph, learn, perform and film amid the myriad constraints of social-distancing. The resulting five-minute work of art, with its dancers separated by a glass wall, serves as a metaphor for the anguish and hope of these inherently strange times.
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Witness Underground reveals the Jehovah's Witness culture through artists on the inside who push the boundaries of expression only to hit the bars of the cage they are in.

Although severely restricted, they create the record label, Nuclear Gopher, and produce over thirty albums of earnest and personal music that spans riot grrrl, psychedelic rock, pop, EDM, shoegaze, and post-rock. Over forty curated songs and live performances punctuate stories of friendship, deep loss, and personal growth.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    83 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Rating
  • Note
    Cindy Elvendahl, key story subject is an indigenous woman from Spirit Lake ND. She has fronted three bands: Kloey, HighTV, and Puff Puff. Ryan Sutter has run Nuclear Gopher music production studio since the early 90's. Eric Elvendahl has produced many Minnesota artists, bands, and been a studio artist for many bands. Chad Rhiger played bass for Ghost Army. All of these bands are highlighted in the film. They are all former cult members and their exits are shared in the film.
  • Director
    Scott Homan
  • Screenwriter
    Scott Homan
  • Producer
    Scott Homan
  • Executive Producer
    Eric M. Klein, Scott Homan
  • Co-Producer
    Ryan Duval
  • Cast
    Ryan Sutter - Nuclear Gopher music production studio founder & solo artist, Cindy Elvendahl - Indigenous artist & songwriter, Eric Elvendahl - Composer & former minister, Chad Rhiger - Songwriter, James Zimmerman - Author, Filmmaker & former minister
  • Cinematographer
    Scott Homan
  • Editor
    Siân Walmsley, Scott Homan
  • Animator
    Klaas De Loose
  • Production Design
    Scott Homan
  • Composer
    Nuclear Gopher Artists
  • Sound Design
    Scott Homan
  • Music
    HighTV, Kloey, Trumpet Marine, Daytrip, Blueskys, Ryan Sutter, Ghost Army, The Lavone, ADD Chronicles