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Ali lives in a world where being educated has no significance. His friends work as laborers and feed their stomachs. They look up to Mohan who is uneducated and well off and wears fancy clothes, fancy watch and spits all over. Everyone wants to be like Mohan- and going to school is considered futile and outright ridiculous.

But Ali has to go to school. He has to walk for miles and reach his school because his uneducated father insists he get educated- this, despite the fact that getting a meal a day is a struggle for the family.

Ali has no value for school. He would rather work and get bread for his family. Mohan too makes fun of his poverty. One day Ali refuses to go to school. His father lovingly tells him about his dreams for Ali and about Vivekananda the great. That day deepens his understanding of life and education.

It is when you transform from within is when the world transforms from without; Now Ali is intent upon transforming the life of his village by educating them- by making a school outside his hut.

But are the villagers ready for this transformation?

Why do they need a school?

The film also questions the need for education and its power to enable us to choose a significant life. Watch an interview with the filmmakers here.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    79 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Suchita Bhhatia
  • Producer
    Aditya Lakhia, Sambhav Suktankar, Siddhant Suktankar