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7 Shorts by women, about women, featuring the theme of rising up. Thematically, the entire block ties together the feeling of a rebellious force and pushback. These women take charge against the odds and obstacles.

When Caitlin is made an offer of work that she can’t refuse, she must explain that she can't make it home for her son’s birthday.

Director Biography - Claire Byrne

Claire Byrne is an award winning film-maker based in Dublin, Ireland. She has a passion for female led drama and socially engaging work. Claire won the VMDIFF Discovery award in 2020 and is currently working on developing multiple feature films. She received funding from Screen Ireland as part of the Director's conceptual fund, other director's to benefit from this fund were Paddy Breathnach and Dearbhla Walsh. 

Director Statement

Sister This was a script that I wanted to make as soon as I read the first draft. It was such quick and realistic dialogue that it sucked me into the world of the two sisters so immediately. Even though it was just a conversation on the page at that point I found it very visual. I loved Tracy’s writing and her way of thinking and talking about women and sex. When myself, Tracy and Claire began to develop the script further I think we all grew very attached to the two sisters. As Claire pointed out early on It was very refreshing to be talking about a story of two women that revolved in no way around a man. 

In terms of casting when we first got Charleigh and Jordanne together for wardrobe fittings it felt like an instant match. They read really well as sisters. In rehearsals together, what we worked on mostly was the connections between these sisters and the dynamic of a conversation over the phone. Through that I think we all instinctively worked out the balance of the two characters and their personalities. 

The biggest challenge was making it feel like a natural phone conversation so we used a few methods including pre-recording Jordanne’s lines to play for Charleigh which kept the emotion and performance consistent. We also had someone act out the lines on the other end of the prop phone which worked best for pacing. 

Myself and Philip Blake the Cinematographer carefully worked out a plan for each location so that in the edit we could cut the two locations together seamlessly. I wanted to create the sense of togetherness while being worlds apart, so that they were facing each other at times of confrontation and facing away at times of tension. 

Our editor Allyn found a lovely rhythm between it all and had great instincts on when to slow it down or speed it up. 

I’m really proud of the finished film, especially the flow of it. I think it sucks you in, takes you along and spits you back out before you know it.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    9 minutes
  • Language
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  • Premiere
  • Director
  • Producer
    Claire Gormley
  • Cast
    Charleigh Bailey, Jordanne Jones