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A Short Block of 6 exciting and hilarious films about criminals, low lives, and likeable anti-heroes who don't care too much about the law.

Featuring; How to Get $100 Millon, Not Your Average Bear, Cherry Cola, The PIG's Method, Lloyd Loses Everything, and Sticker.

When Sherri gets arrested for shoplifting from work, she needs to find money for legal fees. After a few dead ends, opportunity strikes, and his name is Tom.

Director Biography - Amandine Thomas

Amandine Thomas is from the suburbs of Virginia. After graduating from NYU's Tisch Drama Program at 19, Amandine worked as an actor, supporting herself with a myriad of service jobs, for several years.

Both frustrated with a lack of interesting stories centering women and inspired by certain meaningful artistic collaborations, Amandine started assisting and learning the craft of film-making while living at home and caring for her father. Cherry Cola is her first short film, which she wrote, directed, produced and starred in.

Director Statement

I wrote this film based on my experiences of growing up as a young woman in suburban America at the birth of social media culture. I thought of the loneliness, the self-centeredness, the disillusionment, pierced with twisted attempts to connect, mostly through the internet and sometimes in real life.

I thought of the cultural preoccupation with power as a way to overcome gender, how that message became all mixed up with my sexuality and my autonomy and my encounters with men. I thought of feeling enraged -- for myself and for my friends and for women I met who were taken advantage of.

I thought of some of my favorite films in the American canon, in which men go out and take things that aren't theirs. I wanted, then, to be seen, to take, to grow big. That is what success meant to me.

This film is a hoodwink story about a young woman who finds a way to turn her rage into capital. In a culture that divides people into winners and losers, Sherri is preoccupied with becoming a winner. Winners will sacrifice anything — their sense of self, their morality — to get what they want. Losers stay put. Sherri frequently finds herself in an American daydream -- walking around the mall in her town, thinking her life will start when she leaves, when she goes somewhere else, when she becomes rich and powerful and successful. She has yet to realize that this is her life, it has begun, it is right now.

This film was born from a culture that celebrates those who are smart enough and cunning enough to dupe people into making them a profit. The myth of the American Dream proliferates while opportunities are so often bought, not earned. Women who do bad things for money do so in a system that treats money as the ultimate balm for the soul, smoothing over pain, over mistakes, even over loneliness. When she gets stuck, Sherri behaves recklessly, taking what is not hers. There may be something delicious in the taking.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    12 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    Canadian Premiere
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
    Amandine Thomas
  • Producer
    Tayler Robinson, Marielena Planas
  • Cast
    Amandine Thomas, Drigan Lee, Clara Wong, Will Dagger,