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Join series host, Mikkel Aaland as he explores the Alps region in Italy and Germany with guide, Christine Rose.

About Episode 2 - Aufguss

In regions along the Italian-German border, a very unique tradition has grown. Guide Christine Rose shows Mikkel that a sauna is nothing without a show when it comes to the ritual of Aufguss, an art form that melds cultures and steam bathing traditions. Aufguss uses balls of ice, infused with essential oils upon sauna rocks, and integrates the act of towel waving to enhance the aromatics. But today, it’s more exciting than ever before, with Aufguss Masters putting their own twist on the experience with music, drama, and lighting. Mikkel visits some of the most luxurious spas in the area, learns about ancient Roman bathing influences, and later witnesses some fierce competition for the World Aufguss championship - sweat entertainment at its finest.

  • Runtime
  • Country
    Italy, Germany
  • Premiere
  • Genre
    Episodic Series
  • Subtitle Language
    English, German
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Wolgang Ettlich
  • Producer
    Cassandra Jabola - Series Producer, Gina Leibrecht - Creative Producer
  • Executive Producer
    Greg M. Moga, III
  • Cast
    Mikkel Aaland, Christine Rose
  • Cinematographer
    Hans Albrecht Lusznat
  • Editor
    Kate Linhardt
  • Composer
    Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach, William Sammons