Personhood: Policing Pregnant Women in America

NAPW & Reproaction Present Personhood: Policing Pregnant Women in America

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Join Reproaction and National Advocates for Pregnant Women for a screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary Personhood: Policing Pregnant Women in America. Through the story of Tammy Loertscher, a pregnant woman living in Wisconsin who was referred for investigation under Wisconsin’s Unborn Child Protection Act (Act 292), this groundbreaking film explores the shocking realities of what can happen when the right to life for the unborn is recognized.

About National Advocates for Pregnant Women: NAPW combines legal advocacypublic education and organizing to achieve a country in which no one is arrested, shamed, or denied constitutional or human rights because they have the capacity for pregnancy, are pregnant, or because of any outcome of their pregnancies — including births, miscarriages, stillbirths and abortions. NAPW is committed to advancing the equal rights and personhood of all pregnant people including those most likely to be targeted for arrest, detention, and blame — low income women, women of color, and drug-using women.

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PERSONHOOD: Policing Pregnant Women in America tells a different reproductive rights story – one that ripples far beyond the right to choose and into the lives of every pregnant person in America. Like a moment from the chilling “Handmaid’s Tale,“ Tammy Loertscher’s fetus was given an attorney, while the courts denied Tammy her constitutional rights. In this timely documentary, we see her sent to jail, and then forced to challenge a Wisconsin law that eroded her privacy, her right to due process, and her body sovereignty. Through her story, PERSONHOOD reframes the abortion debate to encompass the growing system of laws that criminalize and police pregnant women. At the intersection of the erosion of women’s rights, the war on drugs, and mass incarceration, Tammy’s experience reveals the dangerous consequences of these little-known laws for American women and families.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    80 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    DOC NYC 2019
  • Rating
    Not Rated
  • Director
    Joanne Ardinger
  • Producer
    Rosalie Miller