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Cartography explores notions of the body as a physical manifestation of the psychological. Each part of the body has a different story to tell. Whether it is a scar, birthmark, or otherwise - visible or invisible - these parts are signifiers of cultural, familial, and personal histories. Through mapping the physical body, MacNeil and Zhang are able to unravel contexts beyond what lies skin-deep.

This work was originally displayed as two separate videos on two projectors across the room from each other. The videos looped indefinitely, with no intentional synchronization. The video shown gives an example of how they may have synchronized at one point in the installation.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Country
  • Director
    K. MacNeil, Zhang Yang
  • Producer
    K. MacNeil, Zhang Yang
  • Cinematographer
    K. MacNeil, Zhang Yang
  • Editor
    K. MacNeil, Zhang Yang
  • Sound Design
    K. MacNeil, Zhang Yang