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The video works of Alvin Luong and Maximilian Suillerot are more intimate than you will ever be ready for, and especially after being isolated all these months. If you are ready to laugh and feel the warmth of a friend like you did pre-pandemic you don’t want to miss these videos. They are full of passion, tension and relief. There is an urgency in the work (even emergency) to give you maximum sweetness — a blessing of Sparkling Nectar after consuming a head of garlic for dinner. There is also a magical orgy scene that will change your life, and a powerful singing voice that can possess your inner child to come out and play. Enjoy :)

Sparkling Nectar is organized by Amanda Boulos, and is presented as part of the plumbraiser, a fundraiser for the plumb

Many thanks to the Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) for sponsoring this virtual screening.

Films recommended for audiences 18+

On a stormy night in 2007, a teenage boy named Brett ‘Turbo’ Matthews lost control of his sports car and drove off the side of a cliff. Turbo descended through the air and crashed into a building housing financial instruments. He was killed upon impact and his body was unidentifiable amongst the burning car wreckage. That same night, financial markets began to crash becoming what we now know as The Great Recession. The reconstruction and resurrection of global financial institutions by state governments during The Great Recession would have the unintended consequence of also reconstructing and resurrecting Turbo. Although spared from death, Turbo was now cursed to live with the behavioral impulses of a sports car. In the day time, Turbo lives in frustration because he can only communicate through car sounds that he makes with his mouth. In the night time, Turbo enters into hallucinations where he is free to drive however these hallucinations always end with a car accident.

In 2016, Alvin Luong (梁超洪) completed a BA (Hons.) from the University of Toronto with the New College Registrars’ Graduation Award in the Humanities for achieving highest standing in the field of Humanities for his class of 2016. That year Luong was invited by Trinity Square Video to produce a solo exhibition. In 2017, Luong was awarded the OCAD University Off Screen Award for best New Media installation in the 2017 Images Festival (Toronto), presented a solo exhibition at Platform Centre (Winnipeg), and screened a commissioned video at Reel Asian Film Festival (Toronto). In 2018, Luong was Artist-In-Residence at IOAM Beijing (中间美术馆), lectured at the Institute for Provocation (激发研究所) (Beijing), and was a finalist for the Emerging Digital Media Artist Award by EQAA Bank (Canada). In 2019, the artist exhibited at Boers-Li Gallery (Beijing), was invited to pursue research at HB Station Contemporary Art Research Center (黃邊站當代藝術研究中心) (Guangzhou), lectured at YiZhong Art Lab (Shunde), screened at CACHE Space (缓存空间) (Beijing), screened at Alice Yard (Port of Spain), and lectured and screened at Gudskul (Jakarta). In 2020, the artist moderated the symposium PROFIT and LOSS: Artists, Writers, and Curators Consider Vietnam the War and its Effects at the University of Toronto; the artist produced a video program with Guangdong Times Art Museum (广东时代美术馆) (Guangzhou), was commissioned to produce a new video piece by Koffler Centre of the Arts (Toronto), screened a work-in-progress video as part of a curator’s panel at China Millennium Monument World Art Museum (中华世纪坛艺术馆) (Beijing), and was commissioned by The Bentway and the City of Toronto to produce a new video installation.

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    20 minutes
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    Alvin Luong