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The dance history of Trinidad and Tobago often remains in the memories of those who executed it, and when they pass on, there is precious little left behind. This film looks at aspects of the local dance world and its impact through the eyes of two dance legends, Julia Edwards and Joyce Kirton, in an attempt to capture some of this history. Now in their seventies, Julia and Joyce have together contributed over 100 years of dedicated work to the local dance community. They have been instrumental in the preservation of and innovation in countless traditional dance forms, and their commitment is echoed in the accomplishments of the dancers and choreographers who have come after them. This loving portrait is as much a tribute to these two pioneering women as it is a history of dance in T&T.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    61 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rating
    All Ages
  • Director
    Sonja Dumas
  • Screenwriter
    Sonja Dumas
  • Producer
    Sonja Dumas
  • Cast
    Marilyn Alfonso, Joy Dumas, Earl Edwards, Julia Edwards, Ray Funk, Charmaine Grant, Nancy Herrera, Vernon Hope, Helen Humphrey, Janis Hutchinson, Rosie Jackson, Roslyn Jackson, Joyce Kirton, Albert Laveau, Bill Trotman, James Lee Wah, Earlyn Williams