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Zhenzhen is smuggled into Trinidad and is threatened upon her arrival—she has to pay more money to enter into the country. Her brother Wei, who is working on the island in construction, intervenes and promises to pay her debt. Wei finds Zhenzhen a job at a Chinese restaurant where she crosses paths with Evelyn, a well educated, upper middle class Afro-Trinidadian, who has recently moved back to Port of Spain and runs an art gallery next to the restaurant. Wei tries to get an advance from his employer, Logan, but is unsuccessful. Zhenzhen becomes desperate and asks her employer, Mrs. Liu for the money, who agrees to give her an advance, but makes Zhenzhen promise she will work it off. Help comes unexpectedly from Evelyn—but the contrast of the dark rooms above the restaurant and the white gallery walls, calls everyone’s innocence into question.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    77 minutes
  • Language
    English, Mandarin
  • Country
    Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rating
  • Director
    Emily Upzak
  • Screenwriter
    Emilie Upczak, Nicholas Emery, Jay White
  • Producer
    John Otterbacher, Emilie Upczak
  • Executive Producer
    Melanie Archer, Bonnie Kennedy
  • Co-Producer
    Rhonda Chan Soo, Annabelle Mullen
  • Cast
    Valerie Tian, Kandyse McClure, Jacqueline Chan, Jay Wong, Godfrey Wei, Keevan Chang On, Nickolai Salcedo, Stephen Hadeed Jr, Arnold Goindhan, Conrad Parris, Sanjiv Boodhu, Kongshiek Achong Low, Nicholas Emery, Dru Castiglione, Yussuff Clarke, Rachelle Hay, Peter Louis, Juliet Beresford
  • Cinematographer
    Nancy Schreiber
  • Editor
    Gabriel Coss, Jonathan Gollner
  • Production Design
    Shannon Alonzo
  • Composer
    Rafael Attias
  • Sound Design
    Kris Franzen