USAGM Press Freedom Film Festival

Dying of Laughter; Humor and Censorship in Cuba

Expired May 8, 2021 1:00 AM
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"Dying of Laughter” examines Cuban humor after such a difficult year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the increase in repression and the worsening of economic difficulties on the island. With this special we want to bring a little joy to the Cuban family, because humor is medicine for the soul.

  • Note
    Directors: Magdiel Aspillaga and Joe Cardona Screenwriter: Joe Cardona Producers: Tatiana Riquelme, Alejandro Zayas-Bazan, Jorge Touron, Magdiel Aspillaga, Joe Cardona Executive Producer: Alvaro Alba Narration: Karen Caballero Editor: Magdiel Aspillaga Cinematographers: Alejandro Zayas-Bazan, Jorge Touron, Magdiel Aspillaga