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A Letter from the North

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North Korean defector Kim Eun-Hee (a pseudonym) saw her mother in person for the last time in the Spring of 2002 before crossing the Yalu River into China in order to find her own long-lost daughter. After finally finding her daughter, Kim moved to Seoul, South Korea—where for nearly twenty years she has been able to maintain only sporadic contact with her mother in North Korea.

  • Note
    Director: Bong H. Park Screenwriter: Jungmin Noh Producer: Kyu S. Lee Executive producer: H. Léo Kim Co-producer: Jay Park Videographer: Eunkyu Lee, Hyunju Lee Video Editor: Kyu Lee Illustrator: Rebel Pepper Production Design: H. Léo Kim Music: Allégro by Emmit Fenn (Storyblock), Sad Piano Music by Melodrama (Motion Array)