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Turkey: Breaking the Silence (On Demand)

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In the two decades under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, press freedom has eroded. During his tenure, Turkey is now the top jailer of journalists in the world and government censorship is on the rise. Voice of America’s new documentary, “Turkey: Breaking the Silence,” profiles citizens, journalists, and activists whose stories help explain the forces driving media repression. The film reveals how deep divisions in Turkish society and politics, combined with autocratic power, have evolved to repress critical news coverage and stifle free speech.

The right to free and open access to news and information should be universal, but threats to a free press persist in many parts of the world. Turkey is one of them. Though Turkey is a democracy, the watchdog group Freedom House classifies it as “not free” in part because of media restrictions and digital censorship. The advocacy group Reporters Without Borders calls Turkey the “world’s biggest jailer of professional journalists,” with digital censorship reaching “unprecedented levels.”

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    40 minutes
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    Beth Mendelson- Senior Executive Producer/Director; Tom Detzel- Managing Editor/Writer/Producer; Nathan Antila- Writer/Producer; Carol Slatkin- Senior Editor/Producer; Reyan Tuvi- Field Producer (Turkey); Kembra Allen- Associate Producer; Sinan Kesgin- Director of Photography (Turkey); Michael Burke- Photography (Washington D.C.); Adam Greenbaum- Photography (Washington D.C.); Mike Farino- Photography (New York City); Alan Stankovic- (Photography (Croatia); Alper Tugra Cakici- Additional Photography (Turkey); Chin Soo Park- Art Direction/Graphics; Matthew Houston- Graphics; Anthony Charles White- Graphics; Vanessa Montalbano- Intern; Roger Hooper- Composer; Skip SoRelle- Re-Recording Mixer; Marcus Harton- Color Correction; Larz LaComa- Color Correction